The Griffiths • Goyette Advance FrameworkTM is an innovative and proven ADR methodology that streamlines the entire dispute resolution process, optimizing outcomes while minimizing significant risks, delays and costs of complex civil litigation

Straightforward Goal Setting

Leverage talent and experience of all counsel to establish common objectives that result in a clear and cost efficient resolution strategy.

Streamlined Data Gathering

Analyze necessary information without voluminous written discovery demands. Minimize expense and delay by prioritizing information needed for meaningful negotiations.

Simplified Problem Solving

Clarify complex claims, defenses and risks, encourage creativity and problem solving and expand settlement options through expert dialogue.

Strategic Conferencing

Enhance individual settlement strategies through one-on-one calls with decision makers to discuss goals, address obstacles and explore available resources in advance of mediation.

Focused Communications

Conduct ongoing regular group teleconferences to continuously provide real time updates on outstanding issues and opportunities. Promote effective communication and timely execution of action plans.

Successful Resolution

Generate opportunities unavailable in formal litigation and strengthen decision makers’ control of the outcome while minimizing the significant risks, delays and costs of trial.