Griffiths Goyette enjoys a reputation for high quality work achieved in an efficient and cost effective manner. We provide a full range of Alternative Dispute Resolutions services from implementing case management schedules and coordinating discovery, to negotiating, finalizing and allocating settlements and arbitrating disputes.

Our clients are primarily parties involved in complex multi party disputes concerning construction, insurance and real estate related issues. As Special Masters, we support the Court in the timely and cost efficient management and resolution of complex litigation.

Griffiths•Goyette Advance Framework™

Leading ADR providers since 1993, Griffiths•Goyette pioneered the use of Special Masters to resolve multiparty construction litigation in California and has successfully managed and settled thousands of disputes.

Special Masters

What our clients are saying

“I am probably the 20th person in this case to tell you this but you did a masterful job getting this resolved.” - Defense Counsel

“You work incredibly hard and it was a pleasure to work with you.” - Superior Court Judge

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of … HOA, we want to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your diligence in mediating the settlement in this case. Your involvement was crucial in getting the logjam broken, thus avoiding trial. We appreciate all the efforts you put into the process (many of which we are not aware), but, like a whirling dervish, you worked the mediation rooms and finessed moving the needle. Please accept a standing ovation from all of us.”

“You did a great job for everyone.” - Coverage Counsel

“Your efforts are greatly appreciated and kudos to you on a tremendous result.” - Plaintiff’s Counsel

“This is amazing news. I just got off the phone with [counsel] … and he was singing your praises. He … thought you were excellent especially so with keeping everyone together and keeping the conversation going. I am so impressed you were able to get this whole case wrapped up!” - Court ADR Director.

“Looking forward to when you can bring your tireless energy and enthusiasm to help resolve our next case.” - Plaintiffs’ Counsel

“Anne was excellent. I appreciated her approach to the case from the very beginning and the work she had the parties do before appearing at the mediation. She worked diligently and respectfully with many different personalities in our multi-party case, and continued the dialogue to where we were ultimately able to resolve the case.” - Counsel Report to ADR Director

“Thank you! I know you worked for this one.” - Coverage Counsel

“Thanks for being the ‘lighthouse’ in our rough waters during the mediations.” - Carrier Representative

“COUNSEL: I would just like to add one thing to the record, and that is that I think all of us here owe a deep gratitude to Anne Goyette, the special master, who, I think, did a yeoman’s job. And I propose that we draft up an order ordered by the Court commensurate for her efforts in this case. We spent weekends and days working on this. I think it would be appropriate.” THE COURT: I think that’s a reasonable thing to do.”